Monkey Page Lab

Entering our laboratory you are 4 easy steps away from "minting" your own web page through the technology of NFTs. Print your mark on the Blockchain and be part of the future that is already here.

Connect to metamask

MetaMask is the trailblazing tool enabling user interactions and experience on Web3. It is currently available as a browser extension.

Go to mint page

Click the mint button, this will redirect you to a new page and you will fill the form with the contents you'd want to create.

Hit mint

Once you filled the form, you can hit mint and this will create an NFT containing the data of your page.

And wait a few minutes

You will be redirect to your profile, and find your new NFT, where you can access to the page created.



Customize your name or the project name.

Title & subtitle

Add a striking and friendly title and complement it with some great phrase!


Tell us more about yourself or your project, enhance your brightest ideas!